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"We would like to thank your incredibly professional team - we are very satisfied with the work that was done. CARNEMARK's commitment to customer service is extraordinarily rare, if not unique, in this day and age."
Mark and Kuniko Davidson, Washington, DC
"I had the privilege of working with CARNEMARK, Jonas and many of the current team members early in my career in construction management. It was where I first understood company culture and how important it is to having a successful project. From the first design meeting to the end of the punch list each employee had a role in making it the most enjoyable, functional, highest quality, and well designed project for the client. What an incredible group of people to work with. Thank you."
Matt McIntyre, Austin, TX - CARNEMARK team member, 2003-2007
"We have been deeply impressed by CARNEMARK's professionalism from the earliest design and contractual standpoint. The comparison between them and other contractors we have previously dealt with is night and day. Their follow-up and attention to detail is truly one-of-a kind. This attitude also extends to their subcontractors as well. Mike Stehlik deserves special mention. He created a truly magnificent project design and his commitment and continued involvement with the project during the implementation has been extremely impressive. Paul Huebner's responsiveness and tenacity are also worthy of note. The entire work crew, starting with Gordon and Jason, is always polite, attentive and helpful."
Dee and John Benda, Potomac, MD
"I was particularly pleased with our onsite construction foreman, Karl Sale, who kept all the trains running on time and was extremely conscientious and helpful about making sure everything went smoothly. I feel we were very fortunate to have him dedicated to our project. I also enjoyed working with Paul Huebner and Mike Gillen, and of course appreciated the design talents of Jonas Carnemark."
Jean Kiddoo and Tim Cooney, Washington, DC
"The space feels wonderful. We wanted a "Not So Big House" feel and the renovation nails it. The space is comfortably spacious for a party and cozy enough for two to live in without feeling lost. Mike Gillen is a total pleasure to work with."
Don Abrams and Donna Fortunat, Silver Spring, MD
"Michael Stehlik, Karl Sale, Joe Jarvis -- all were very professional, responsive, and excellent to work with."
Emil and Thea Skodon, Washington, DC
"We have very much enjoyed working with CARNEMARK's employees. They are always ready to listen and fix or change anything to ensure client satisfaction."
Joe Davis and Evelyn Loeb, Falls Church, VA
"The entire team did a great job -- Mike and Allison on the design, Kyle and Paul on the project management. We don’t have additional work to do at the moment, but if that time comes, we would go back to CARNEMARK."
James Rennie and Pat Zarodkiewicz, Arlington, VA
"Nothing comes easy to a homeowner living in the house through a renovation project. The CARNEMARK staff does make it as easy as it can be."
John and Elizabeth Vrankovich, McLean, VA

"We've done lots of renovation work and this has been our best experience by far -- everyone is easy to work with, they pay attention to details and quality, they form collaborative relationships with their clients and their subs, they are transparent and ethical in how they work, and they have a strong design sensibility balanced with solid construction experience."

Caroline Herron and Jon Canis, Washington, DC
"Everyone was great. Paul and Bill did an excellent job at the site everyday. It was easy working around them and they went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure I was happy and things got done easily and conveniently as possible."
Janeen Daly, Potomac, MD
"CARNEMARK systems + design showed unusual attention to detail and pride in their work. Their exceptional craftsmanship and professionalism in all phases of construction were outstanding."
Dr. Mark and Ursula Wolfman, Bethesda, MD
"Our experience was of a project carried out by a professional team, on time, and within budget. We will certainly recommend CARNEMARK systems + design."
Nava and Eitan Tadmor, Chevy Chase, MD
"Very pleased with the process and progress to date. We enjoy working with the CARNEMARK on-site personnel and the subs we have met so far seem very professional."
Richard and Marcia Gale, Potomac, MD
"I am pleased to have worked with CARNEMARK. Living with the gut demolition of a kitchen and bathroom in a one bedroom condominium for three months is not easy. The results of the designs are stunning though, and I love the rooms. The materials are first rate. CARNEMARK's contemporary design aesthetic matches my own. I plan on enjoying the excellent work for years to come. I will recommend CARNEMARK to co-workers, family, and friends.
John Cruickshank, Washington, DC
"Thanks very much. The remodel turned out beautifully - I love it!"
Ruth Auslander, Bethesda, MD
This is my second project with them. About four years ago, it was a much larger effort. They are doing relatively small things now like adding three new bathrooms in comparison, but they are great and I would sell them to anybody. I was impressed with Mr. Carnemark when I met him and heard him speak years ago. They are outstanding.
Neil Hadley, Bethesda, MD
"The crew members were totally professional and had a great working relationship among themselves. Their pride in their work meant that no one left the project until every aspect of the job was done to the highest standards. Great communication, no misunderstandings - it was a partnership with all of us working toward the same goal."
Ronnie Lancaster, Great Falls, VA
"We interviewed several architects and contractors and found they were more interested in their own ideas than in ours. We were delighted that CARNEMARK could take what we wanted and translate it into a design that fit our lifestyle and into a living space that fit our needs."
Anne Swardsdon and Charles Truehart, Washington, DC
"Thanks again for all the good work. We've already forgotten what it all looked like before you put your talented hands and heads to it."
Sue Anna Clark and David Zack, Alexandria, VA

"It took us three years to find a contractor who seemed equally concerned with the quality of the work and the needs of our family during construction. It was well worth the search and the wait for this capable and committed contractor."

Elizabeth Russell, Washington, DC